Free Five Tiger Generals Slots – Evaluation

Playtech has taken on a fantastic subject with its Chinese mythology and history-inspired slot machine. The Five Tiger Generals is a common name in Chinese culture for any group of five top military leaders. This topic has been explored in a wide variety of media, including games, movies, and stories. This Playtech option, though, is unlike anything we’ve seen before in our slot game evaluations. The developer’s standard high-quality visual arsenal is naturally included.

In the historical record of the Three Kingdoms Period, we find relevant generals. These five generals, all hailing from the Shu Han, are included in this package. The game’s main menu and menu screens all feature a wartime setting. Probably from one of the conflicts in which the soldiers fought.

As long as the Shu rule!

If you want to play the game, when you load it up you’ll see a screen with five reels and three rows. Thus, the UI is similar to that of other slot games. The icons for the game are displayed on these reels. In this case, we can see the standard alphabetic characters A through K, plus the digits 9 and 10. They’re joined by representations of the five formidable Tiger Generals. Ma Chao, with his dragon helmet, and Zhao Yun, carrying his deadly spear. The bearded guy Guan Yu is a third symbol. The fourth is the master archer Huang Zhong, and the fifth is Zhang Fei.

The game contains 15 paylines in addition to the standard reels, rows, and icons. You can modify these to meet your own needs. That’s not the only customizable aspect here. The amount bet per spin is variable for all participants. The lowest bet is £0.60, but you can increase it by clicking the appropriate option. The most amount you can wager per spin is £6. In addition, there are ‘Turbo Mode’ and ‘Auto Play’ controls for your convenience. The former will cause a quicker speed of play when spinning. The second option will let you keep your bet steady for multiple iterations.

Prepare for Battle!

Anyone heading into war is sure to value a few unique skills, right? Lucky for us, Playtech has also given some care to this, so we can choose from a few different options here. The red-flag-with-gold-tiger symbol is the first unique touch. A wild symbol in the game. It can therefore stand in for any other image on the reels to produce a winning combination. The game’s scatter symbol is the lone exception to this rule. Only reels 2, 3, and 4 are eligible to feature Wilds.

Also, the dispersion seems like a Chinese character, which is interesting to note. Scatter symbols generate wins regardless of their position on the reels. Additionally, the free spins feature is activated when three or more of these are brought into view. However, unlike standard slot machines, no predetermined sum is given to you. Instead, you keep going until five wilds appear on the screen. When you collect five wilds, you’ll trigger a Wild Tiger Super Spin. There is a single spin available with all five wilds active.

Also, don’t overlook the game’s progressive jackpot. Each of the generals is represented in a vertical list on the right. There is also a jackpot value listed next to each one. To win one of these, you must line up five matching symbols along a pay line. If you do, you’ll get paid out at the rate of five thousand times your original stake plus the progressive jackpot!

Closing Statement

We’ve been waiting for a game designer to make a game with an oriental theme for a long time. An excellent homage to the ancient Chinese soldiers may be found in The Five Tiger Generals. Another fantastic feature is the progressive jackpot that may be won by playing. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy a beautifully crafted product thanks to Playtech’s top-notch visuals.






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